Citrus Summer

Citrus Summer
  1. This necklace is on my wish list – just look at those tassels!
  2. Loving the colors of this card (and the fox, too).
  3. How great is the silver arrow closure on this bag?
  4. This rosé wine is “Summer in a Bottle.”
  5. I love the combination of cork and gold on these coasters.


By SSP contributor, Annie Steward. Also find her at Postcards From College.

Minimal Bohemian Style

Minimal Bohemian Style via Sycamore Street Press

More Minimal Bohemian inspiration! (I just can’t help myself.) If I’m going to be hanging out in one of these living rooms, I want to be wearing the equivalent outfit: easy, simple, chic… a little bit minimal and a little bit bohemian.

This look fits my current lifestyle, too. As a mother of two young children and as an artist who needs to be comfortable to feel free to create, I need clothes I can breathe in. But I still want to feel stylish! So I’ve been done a few big closet purges and am slowly filling in with some new pieces that fit this aesthetic.

What kind of style do you like to wear? - Eva

See 7 more Minimal Bohemian outfits after the jump.

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The Midsummer Mingle

A Midsummer Mingle, entrance

The summer after we were married, Kirk and I were working on an organic farm in Denmark when the longest day of the year — June 21st — rolled around. The family who owned the farm invited us to join in the Midsummer celebration — and we spent an evening filled with flowers, food, a bonfire, and good company. It was a magical evening, and one I will always remember.

With the Midsummer Mingle we co-hosted last month, this was exactly the kind of memory we wanted to create for everyone who attended. Not an exact replica — but the feeling, the beauty, the magic of that night. The whole thing was actually Brittany Jepsen’s idea (the House That Lars Built). She asked a few friends and colleagues if we wanted to co-host, and we all jumped at the chance. And so, everyone from MerMag, Caravan Shoppe, One More Mushroom, Sarah Jane Studios, the House that Lars Built, and Sycamore Street Press put our heads together to plan and execute this event. We wanted it to be like a big thank you gift to our wonderful creative communities.

Did I mention that we only had 3 weeks to put the whole thing together?! Brittany and her interns ended up putting in the lion’s share of the work. But the rest of us weren’t slacking either. Looking back, I think it was a bit crazy for me to agree to do this right after getting home from the National Stationery Show! It was worth it, though. Just looking at these photos brings back so many lovely memories…

I wish that all of you could have been there! But of course, many of you live far away. And even among locals, space was limited. We announced the event on social media, and within a couple of hours, the (free) tickets were all reserved. I think we ended up hosting around 300 people. We hope to be able to do it again next year, though! (And next time, we’ll be able to start planning much more in advance!)

Shall I walk you through the Midsummer Mingle?

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Motherhood & Mountains

Family in the mountains

Family in the mountains

Family in the mountains

Family in the mountains

One thing I love about being a mother is how it forces me to slow down and appreciate the simple things.

Having a little hike and picnic on this mountain pass near our home, for example. I have wanted to do this for years! But I didn’t make it happen until now, because I knew my kids would love it. We all loved it, and decided to make it a new family tradition.

What are some of your favorite simple pleasures?