5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Family Business

5 things to consider when starting a family business

Have you ever wondered how you might like having a family-run business? Well, Kirk and I have been married for 10 years now and running Sycamore Street Press for 7. And we’ve survived, ha! Actually, we love what we do, and feel grateful to be able to do so. We don’t have everything figured out (of course) but we’ve learned quite a bit along the way that I’d love to share.

Keep reading to see my top 5 considerations before starting a family business…

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Friday Favorites


From 2009 – 2011, I did a weekly blog post called Friday Favorites where I shared a little link love. Remember how all the bloggers used to do that? (Yes, I realize that some still do. And yes, it feels weird to be nostalgic about blogging.)

Anyways, I’d like to get back into it. A weekly (or bi-weekly) round up of things I’m loving from around the web.  Here goes…

This album is just beautiful.

Had some fun fake shopping.

Such striking visuals in this blog by a Belgian designer.

Charming children’s wallpapers.

Heartbreaking film that led me to a whole wormhole of googling.

The perfect getaway.

How did I miss this TV show? Just watched the pilot and it was so good.

Is this indigo washed duffle bag me or what?! (Birthday hint, Kirk.)

Calling all indie brick & mortar shops.

So much to learn.

Sweet letterpress card.

- Eva

Photo credit: Jessica Peterson

Minimal Bohemian Bedrooms

Bedrooms via Sycamore Street Press

Here are some bedrooms that I am LOVING right now. Such great eye candy.

Our bedroom is getting kinda close to being where I want it… but it’s not quite there. That’s how a lot of the rooms in our home are right now, actually. Awhile back, I ran out of the time and budget to continue my decorating efforts, and things just came to a halt. Then we got used to how things looked, I got out of decorating mode, and voila, we’ve been in a holding pattern for about 2 years now. My friend Meta is determined to help me break that pattern. And I say….


8 more perfectly imperfect bedrooms after the jump…

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Teddy Was Here

Teddy Was Here
  1. I need this coconut bath soak to hydrate my skin after being in the sun all summer.
  2. I’m currently waiting for these Warby Parker glasses to arrive and I can’t wait!
  3. Best Made Company has the coolest patches, like this Teddy Roosevelt one.
  4. This tortoise watch is at the top of my wish list.
  5. Absolutely love this antlers letterpress print!


By SSP contributor, Annie Steward. Also find her at Postcards From College.