California Modern Living Rooms

California Modern Living Rooms | Sycamore

Minimal Bohemian Living Rooms on Sycamore Street Press


Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about what my “look”  is… and about how it has evolved. I’ve been designing paper goods and running Sycamore Street Press for 6 years now, and although my personal style and aesthetic had evolved over the years, that wasn’t being completely translated into my work…

I had this epiphany just a couple of weeks ago, and immediately set out with a critical eye to uncover what my true authentic style is right now. I’ve also been thinking a lot about how to translate that in my own unique way onto paper goods. It’s been really energizing and exciting and I will go into more details about this whole process later… But for now, I’ll just say that I came up with a phrase for my aesthetic: Minimal Bohemian. Here are some living rooms that embody that look to me… – Eva

6 more California Modern living rooms and sources after the jump…

California Modern Living Rooms | Sycamore

California Modern Living Rooms | Sycamore

California Modern Living Rooms | Sycamore

California Modern Living Rooms | Sycamore

California Modern Living Rooms | Sycamore

California Modern Living Rooms | Sycamore

Photos: 1) Mark & Luella Tuckey home on The Design Files, 2) cactus room via the Brick House, 3) Guiseppe Baldi’s home in Elle Decoration UK via Bliss, 4) Home of Mjolk owners, 5) Michael Eserts home as shot by Jessica Comingore, 6) Home in Milk Magazine via SFGirlByBay, 7) Michelle LeBlanc’s home on Design*Sponge, and 8) Santa Monica home as shot by Dabito


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  1. r o y a l says:

    YES!!! I am loving this look too… and you described it so well! Now I just need someone to make my house look like these pictures…

  2. Rachel says:

    That’s pretty much exactly what I am going for to—though maybe not very successfully. Minimal bohemian in an old beach cottage.

    Every room you picked is spot on. The bottom image has been my favorite for a long time.

    • Eva says:

      Thanks Rachel! Yes, that bottom one has been a favorite of mine for a while, too. That couch! But the whole combination, really.

  3. Jane Rhodes says:

    EVA! i guess I am a minimal bohemian too – i honestly spent HOURS in the past two weeks compiling the smallest list of furniture ever for my husband and i to start furnishing our new home here in utah and EVERYTHING i’ve been drooling over is in most of the pictures above. your instagram picture and post couldn’t have come at a more perfect time! i am DYING over Matt Tucket, what beautiful stuff – i REALLY REALLY REALLY have got to figure out how to get or make one of those low round coffee tables. i mean.

    so good.

    • Eva says:

      Hi Jane! Seriously… I would love one of his pieces in every room of my house! SO GOOD. Can’t wait to see what you do with your place!

  4. Love your stuff. The minimalist approach is so refreshing.

  5. jan says:

    i totally get this – and love it too! hmmm. maybe that’s me also.

  6. Matthew says:

    I really like these rooms, but white walls and wood equals minimal? I think the tiny house movement is more indicative of minimal bohemian that these, as nice as they are.

    • Eva says:

      Hey Matthew, I love the tiny house movement, too! I’ve followed it for 7 or 8 years now and love what it’s all about. (And I live in a pretty small home myself.) I’m sure there could be many interpretations of “minimal bohemian”. For me, these posts and the phrase itself are something I came up with after a lot of thought and research as to what my own visual aesthetic is. But I love your interpretation of the phrase, too, as more of a philosophy.

  7. Matthew says:

    sorry…than these…

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  9. Eliza Jane says:

    These are gorgeous! And totally inspirational.

  10. May says:

    Love the rooms in the photographs
    However, Bohemian Minimalist doesn’t feel like the right fit. Its the word Bohemian that’s off. The look is more a California chic than it is Bohemian. The style speaks a more hippie essence, organic, natural without the acid trip patterns and tie dye colors.

    I believe with your creative mind, you can create a name for the style that fits perfectly, something from this era where it thrives.

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  12. sarah says:

    I LOVE THEM ALL. That had to be shouted. I love the combination of white, wood, and green (in the plants) and all of those rugs! Swoon.

  13. Michelle says:

    I was reading this and thinking to myself “Ohhhh, I so want to be minimal bohemian ”
    And then there was my living room…now if I could only keep it nice and clean like that in real life :)
    Dying over No 4 with those shelves, lantern and yummy leather …
    Thanks Eva!
    Xx, m

    • Eva says:

      Michelle – You are SO minimal bohemian! I love your style so much. Don’t forget, all these rooms were cleaned up and styled before they were photographed. :)

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  21. marsha says:

    I tend to call this look modern ethnic. It’s what I’ve been going for for a while now.

  22. Sarah says:

    i want to know where I can get the leather/wood chair

  23. So lovely place.
    It just feels so comfortable and silent.
    Working and living here must be, eh, fasinating…

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