Friday Favorites

///// A few of my current favorites /////

+ birthdays!

+ the new Rue Magazine

+ the veggie/turkey meatloaf we made from our CSA produce

+ Lonny Magazine now has a full website

+ fresh, seasonal plums

+ would love to go to one of these shows for old time’s sake

+ this outfit: chic or lame?


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  1. claire says:

    dismemberment plan! oh the good old days. happy weekend to you three. x

    p.s the link doesn't seem to work on my computer? but i see the word jumpsuit, so i'm all LAME! :)

  2. amanda says:

    link doesn't work for me either. i'm assuming it's zara? i love their stuff, but certain clothes are made only for people who have no curves (i.e. boobs and butt). so i agree with claire–jumpsuit equals lame (despite how cool we used to think they were in college).

  3. Eva / Sycamore Street Press says:

    You guys are right. It's a jumpsuit and it's probably lame. But it just looks so comfy! But I think you're right, Amanda — unless you have a very androgynous body type, it's probably not the best look. I saw Alicia Keys wearing one one TV, and even though she is gorgeous, she was looking kinda frumpy in that outfit.

  4. Julie says:

    Dismemberment Plan! I had forgotten how much I loved those guys-I walked around campus in college rocking out to these guys. sigh.

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