Friday Favorites

Satomi Kawakita

///// a few of my current favorites /////

+ the interview with husband/wife music + art duo Lullatone in the newest Small Magazine

+ homemade zucchini bread

+ Joanna’s birth story

+ the season premieres of Modern Family and Glee

+ drawing dog portraits

+ this article about “real life”

+ I don’t ever buy expensive jewelry, but if I did… (via unruly things)


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  1. bronwyn says:

    I don't buy expensive jewelery either but those rings are really earthy and beautiful. The sort of thing I would get if I wanted to splurge.

  2. Rachael, Pistachio Press says:

    We're so on the same wavelength! I've been obsessed with looking at tiny gold rings and Satomi Kawakita's website has been open on my computer for days.

  3. Eva / Sycamore Street Press says:

    That's funny Rachael!

    They really are so beautiful…

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