looking lovely: David and Rachael Eustace

Have you seen this beautiful father/daughter collaboration between David and Rachael Eustace? They took a 3 week road trip throughout the American southwest and documented it with photos, letters, interviews, and a gorgeous minimal film short.

This project captures that bittersweet moment between a parent and a child when they realize that their relationship will soon be forever changed.

Click here to see more.
And click here to see another wonderful father/daughter collaboration.

Did I mention that this project was sponsored by Anthropologie? They also funded projects by Jane Campion and Andrew Zuckerman. I hope they continue their patronage. They could be the 21st century Medici family.

image credits: David and Rachael Eustace


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  1. ikumi says:

    this is my first comment ever! i'm so lame.

    but i've looked through their entire project and this was so inspiring and moving, especially David's letter to his daughter.

    this made my day in a way and thank you always for such inspiring entries. i have been trying to pass the inspiration i gain here onto the people of japan. i want to see if there's anybody over here who thinks or feels alike. :-)

  2. Eva / Sycamore Street Press says:

    i'm so happy you commented, ikumi! i know there must be other creative people like you in japan who look at things a little bit differently…it's just a matter of discovering them. it wasn't until my third year of college that i met you and our whole group of friends.

    and yes, David and Rachael's project is so inspiring. i sat and looked through the entire thing at once, too. i couldn't help myself.

  3. claire says:

    thanks eva!
    this is such a cool project.

    and ikumi, i just had a friend who just left japan. she might be going back, and if she does, i'll get eva to hook you both up.

  4. ikumi says:


    thanks! that'll be just wonderful! i'm so happy we're having a dialogue!!!

  5. ROXY MARJ says:

    LOVE LOOOOOOOVE this post!!! And the link to the other father daughter blog as well! Truly inspiring! Oh I can't wait to have children, to do stuff like that! David Byrne and his daughter did something similar with music…I think I read about it on his blog a couple years ago?

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