looking lovely: Nicole Hill Gerulat and the Art Weekend

Nicole Hill Gerulat attended the Brooks Institute of Photography and the French Culinary Institute, so it’s no wonder that she takes amazing food and product photos. (All the photos in this post are hers.) Her portraits and wedding shots are also really pretty. Take a look.

I’m always trying to improve our SSP product shots, so I jumped at the chance to take Nicole’s Photo 101 and Tabletop Photography class a several days ago at the Art Weekend. She did not disappoint me. Not that I am all of a sudden taking spectacular images…but she gave us a lot of tips and tricks that I never would have thought of on my own. She also did a great job of explaining how to find my way around my new DSLR*.

I highly recommend taking a class from her. And from what I’ve heard all the other classes at the Art Weekend were pretty great. I think I’ll branch out and take another kind of class next time. Maybe Illustrator. Or Scherenschnitte. Oh, and Nicole teaches classes in San Francisco, New York City, and online as well, so don’t think you have to live in Utah to take advantage of her expertise.

To see more of Nicole:

Portfolio: nicolephoto.com
Classes: nicolesclasses.blogspot.com
Wedding Photo Blog: www.oneboyonegirl.com

* A Canon Rebel. I love it! Kirk and I have been saving up for a while, and then my parents, Kirk’s parents, and my grandparents gave me some camera money for my birthday last month. I haven’t posted any images from it yet…but I will soon.


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  1. Rachel Dangerfield says:

    Wow. These are really some great shots. The first one just floors me (and makes me incredibly hungry!). That's so cool that she went to school for photography and for culinary. It shows!

  2. Steph says:

    Th funny thing is that I took the screenprinting class at Art Weekend and I didn't even know that you were there! I heard that Alma is teaching the Illustrator class at Pebbles in my Pocket in Orem and I could use a refresher so maybe we should get together and take it there sometime.

  3. Eva / Sycamore Street Press says:

    That's a good idea. I really need to learn some Illustrator skills. (I did take that one workshop at OSU, but I still feel totally intimidated.)

  4. nicole hill gerulat says:

    Eva.. thank you so much! You are so sweet.

    You would LOVE Alma's class.. it'll open up so much for you in the design world.

    –try taking her month long class.

  5. The Fancy Lady says:

    amazing pictures i love the one with the tea cups

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