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I’m not sure where the phrase “love where you live” got started, but I think it’s a good one. Back in school, there were so many kids who would complain about having to live in our college town. I always thought to myself, “if you hate it so much, why don’t you leave”! I know it’s not always as simple as that, but I do know that looking for the positive in the place I happen to live has made a big difference in my overall happiness.

For instance, when Kirk applied to grad school, we were hoping we’d end up in a place like Chicago or New York. Instead, he was offered a great deal at Ohio State. Columbus didn’t sound all that exciting, but we ended up falling for the quaint brick paved streets in our neighborhood, midwestern friendliness, North Star veggie burgers & Jeni’s Ice Cream, new friends, and the central location perfect for road tripping all over the midwest and East Coast.

After Kirk finished grad school, we chose to move to this little mountain valley in the west. You can probably tell from these photos that it’s not that hard to love. Clean air, blue skies, open space, wildlife sightings, no traffic, mountains all around, nice people, etc… but it has it’s share of negatives, too. (Lack of good restaurants, most of our friends live far away, and bad city planning, to name a few.) Kirk and I complain about the negatives once in a while… but overall, we are so grateful to be living in this beautiful place!

How about you? I’d love to hear why you love where you live. – Eva

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  1. Faith says:

    But it’s SO HARD! Where I live (in Regina, SK, Canada) winter starts shortly after Hallowe’en and doesn’t end until April… sometimes May!

    We’re received a record 6.5+ feet of snow this winter, and it’s not over yet. Sigh.

    • Eva says:

      I know… our first frost is usually in September and our last one is usually in May… sometimes even June. So I know what you mean. But we still get pockets of warmer weather in between. It’s just so unpredictable!

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