My Favorite Time of Day

Ingrid kissing Lars | bedtime June 2013

Between six and seven PM is the magical hour. We sit around the table, eating dinner and talking about our days. Then we all flop onto the bed and put the kids in pajamas, read them bed time stories, pray, and sing songs before finally tucking Ingrid in for the night. Of course there’s usually at least some crying or whining in there. And sometimes I don’t actually sit for dinner, but instead stand next to the table while bouncing Lars and trying to maneuver forkfuls of food into my mouth. Sometimes something is going on and we’re not home, or at least not all of us. But by and large, this is what our evenings look like.

I love it.

And if I miss it, I miss it.

What is your favorite time of day? – Eva




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  1. what a happy post, and such a beautiful family. my favorite time of day is the morning, when i woke up and snuggling this one:

  2. Lovely post and so very true. Also, love the quilt on your bed, gorgeous.

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