sycamore street press: Family Stationery

We were originally going to make baby announcements as a gift for our new niece, but because of the National Stationery Show, our cross country move, and California summer craft show trip, we weren’t able to get around to our gift until the baby was a little too old to be announced like that. Whoops. We still wanted to do something for them. We had promised some letterpress goodness, after all! So, after some thought, our brother and sister in law suggested we make them some personalized stationery in the style of an old-time postcard. What a great idea! We were happy to comply, and I had a lot of fun drawing it.

Can you tell which San Diego landmarks are inside the letters? (Click on the photo to see it larger.)

And in case you are wondering, her last name is Nations and his is Jorgensen. Thus, the little phrase they came up with: Nations of Jorgensens.


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  1. Melissa Dominic says:

    This is lovely!

  2. melimba says:

    love this idea!
    that pool blue color is AWESOME.
    nice work!

  3. A. Verzello says:

    Wow, that is amazing work. Was it all hand-drawn?

  4. Eva / Sycamore Street Press says:

    Thanks! And yes, I drew it all by hand.

  5. jennifer says:

    clever idea and awesome artwork!

  6. Bee Designs says:

    I love it! Very clever too!

  7. danje says:

    how can i get those jorgensens to send me one? hmmm …

  8. claire says:


  9. green Olive says:

    These cards are fantastic! I love the type, colors, everything! I think that it is so simple an idea but so cute that the more you look at it you see the other areas within the areas.

  10. Eva / Sycamore Street Press says:

    Thanks! Kris and Jenn had a great idea.

  11. Lilibeth says:

    I'm so in love with this! You captured the Geisel Library in the G! As a student at UCSD, I worked in that library for two years repairing rare books in their preservation department. Thanks for bringing back the memories with your beautiful drawings.

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