Laura Resen Photography

Last week, I posted a photo by Laura Resen in my living room inspiration post. Out of curiosity, I decided to look through all the images from her website, and wow… She’s had access to some amazing interiors, and her photographs are able to capture that (which is no small feat.)

The Cadillacs of Letterpress

Vandercook Brochure
The Arm

I’ve got Vandercooks on the brain.

For pretty photos and some handy information on these letterpresses, see my latest post over on Poppytalk.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Although Friday ended up being a bad day for me, Saturday and Sunday made up for it. We made some good progress on the reno, relaxed with a couple of romantic comedies, got teary eyed while the children at church sang in their annual program, hung out with family, and ate some delicious food (calzones and trifle).

What did you do over the weekend?

Friday Favorites

///// a few of my current favorites /////

+ the details of a construction site

+ the striped top my parents brought back for me from a recent trip

+ Ingrid’s baby showers! (more on this later)

+ fall weather is finally here

+ double chocolate zucchini cupcakes

+ turning 31!

Living Room Inspiration

Photographed by Laura Resen for Domino Magazine


This is my favorite living room ever. I first saw it in Domino Magazine years ago and tore it out for my old-school tear sheet binder. What do I love? The white & wood color scheme with pops of color (mainly red), the rustic beams, the casually slip-covered couch with its varied pillows, the ethnic rug, the sheepskin, the books and artwork covering the walls, the red pouf, the and the fantastic light…. the only things I would add are more green plants and a TV.

I do also love pops of yellow! But I think we’ll be doing that in the bedroom.
Apartment Therapy
I’m on the lookout for affordable poufs. (Our space is too small for a coffee table, and we love to put our feet up on something soft.) This is also another example of a simple throw instead of a traditional slipcover. But I still think I’d like it to be white…
Home of Lila & Tom via Design*Sponge
Like these… and although we’ll probably paint the floor white for now, I love the look of these Spanish tiles.
Fine Little Day
Love the grouping of art on the wall and the pillows and throws in Elisabeth Dunker’s living room.
Home of the owners of the Brooklyn Home Company via Design*Sponge
Another case for white, wood, and books.
Home of the owners of Horne via Design*Sponge
I’m loving the color palette and the rug in this room. It’s making me think of adding black to my color scheme…
Light Locations
Another linen throw over a sofa… and that light!
Loft Life via SFGirlByBay
I’d love a vintage, worn in leather couch. That’s my dream. For now, we’ll use the couches we already have.
Marie Claire Maison
Love the mix of pillows, colors, and styles in this room.
Home of Emily Henderson via SeeSaw
Gorgeous vintage finds galore.

You can see the before pics of our living room here, and find out about our live/work renovation project here.

2011 Calendar Round Up on Poppytalk

I love the drawings and colors of this screen printed calendar by Curious Doodles. See all my calendar finds for the coming year over on Poppytalk.

Also, thanks to Nole at Oh So Beautiful Paper for including us in her 2011 calendar and Halloween card round ups this week!

Friday Favorites

the Sartorialist

+ isn’t this girl adorable?

+ these woolen laptop covers (via General Store)

+ Susan’s engagement story

+ tomato sandwiches

+ gorgeous photos by Abby

+ this hanging lamp

+ people first, then profits 

A Little Romance

A Little Romance is a fantastic little movie I’d never heard of until recently. Diane Lane and Thelonius Bernard play a young American girl and French boy who fall in love. They’re both so smart and sweet without being cloying. In fact, both won awards for their performances (as did the musical score and the screenplay). Lawrence Olivier also stars as an older gentleman who befriends them. And the entire film takes place on beautiful locations in France and Italy!

p.s. My mom lived in Paris as an adolescent just like Diane Lane’s character, and it’s uncanny how much they look alike at that age.

Paper Love in Park Slope

If you live in or near New York City, go visit Paper Love in Park Slope pronto! Kirk and I have visited a couple of times when we’re in town, and I can vouch for its charm and fantastic selection of pretty paper goods. Alison (the owner) is moving on to other projects and closing down the shop, so I think you’ll need to head over there in the next few days if you want a chance to see it. (I have a feeling you might be able to score some great deals as well…)

Halloween Card Roundup on Poppytalk

I did a little round-up of Halloween cards over on Poppytalk. I hope it’s not too tacky that I included a card that I drew myself! Oh well  — since I already did that, I may as well let you know that it’s available in our shop.

The below cards are from Greenwich Letterpress. They make great stuff, and if you’re a paper lover like me, a visit to their shop is like a trip to Ali Baba’s cave.

Friday Favorites

Satomi Kawakita

///// a few of my current favorites /////

+ the interview with husband/wife music + art duo Lullatone in the newest Small Magazine

+ homemade zucchini bread

+ Joanna’s birth story

+ the season premieres of Modern Family and Glee

+ drawing dog portraits

+ this article about “real life”

+ I don’t ever buy expensive jewelry, but if I did… (via unruly things)

Quote of the Week

White & Wood on Poppytalk

Via Decor8 via Living Etc

I would absolutely LOVE to have this kitchen. But right now, I think I’d be happy with practically any kitchen…as long as it’s my own. See more pretty interiors in white & wood over on my newest Poppytalk contributor post.

In case you missed them, see my last few Poppytalk posts here, here, and here.

Pretty & Practical Bags

I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the lookout for the perfect bag. It can’t be too dainty or covered with unnecessary hardware, and it has to stand up to a fair amount of daily abuse. Here are a few that I found fitting that description. Oh — and as an added bonus, all are either handmade, sustainable, or both! Decisions, decisions…
Above images (clockwise from top left): No. 165 Medium Carryall by Billykirk, Small Condor by Ashley Watson, Fjallraven Kanken Backpack via Steven Alan, Angela Adams® and Sea Bags for J.Crew Pocket Sail Bag.
Above images (clockwise from top left): Waxed Canvas and Leather Portfolio Bag by Glass Architect, Scrap Market Bag No. 10 by My Favourite Dress, The Letter Bag by Moop, Belstaff Colonial Shoulder Bag 556 at J.Crew, Felt and Leather Laptop Sleeve by Byrd and Belle, Green Stripe Bow Bag by Freshly Picked.

Friday Favorites

///// A few of my current favorites /////

+ birthdays!

+ the new Rue Magazine

+ the veggie/turkey meatloaf we made from our CSA produce

+ Lonny Magazine now has a full website

+ fresh, seasonal plums

+ would love to go to one of these shows for old time’s sake

+ this outfit: chic or lame?

Sycamore Q + A: Cindy Ferguson of Scherenschnitte

Cindy Ferguson of Scherenschnitte is one of those people that I’ve admired from afar for quite a while. The thing is — she’s friends with a lot of the same people that I am. So why aren’t we friends? Busy lives and living just far away from each other to make it inconvenient, I suspect. (The truth is, Kirk and I don’t see much anyone these days except for those who stop by our craft fair booths…we’re kind of workaholics!)
So, at least I can have a little virtual conversation with Cindy through this interview. As you can see, she has incredible drawing, paper cutting, and design skills. I recently got a gorgeous wedding invitation in the mail that she designed for a mutual friend. I’m dying to show you! But it’s not my place, so you’ll just have to wait… I’m also in love with her new state paper cut series… and did you know that she puts free paper cutting templates on her blog?
1) How did you become an artist?
When I was a little girl, I loved princesses. Most little girls do. I loved to draw princesses, read about them, look at pictures of them in books, pretend that I would someday live in a castle (I still have that dream). I would also draw horses. Horses and princesses. My parents indulged my creativity and bought those little “How to Draw…” books by Lee Ames. I would spend countless hours trying to draw each image. Eventually my love of drawing princesses grew to a general love of drawing people. Always having a sketchbook with me so I can jot down ideas or little sketches is invaluable as is a ton of practice. It’s definitely something you need to work at.
2) What’s been inspiring you lately?
Lately I’ve been getting my inspiration from travel. Over the past two weeks, I’ve been to Los Angeles two times. Once with more artsy people and once with a less-than-artsy person. With the artsy people, I went to a few galleries. I saw a lot of amazing art and saw ways of doing things that I would never have even dreamed of. My favorite was a paper show at the George Billis Gallery where I saw a few pieces by Brian Borlaug. From far away, his drawings looked like they had regular shading, but when you got up close, they were teeny tiny details that were evidence of creative ocd. I would love to try something more like that. We also went to the Museum of Jurassic Technology. Holy cow, that place is fun. My favorite section was on various old wives tales called “Tell the Bees”. I would love to create silhouettes of superstitious lifestyles. With the less-than-artsy person, I went to Disneyland. I haven’t been to Disneyland since I was in 5th grade. That place is amazing! It is so flushed out in detail. My favorite was the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. The audio-animatronics were completed in the late 60s and they still look fluid and new today. Just to know that something as immense as Disneyland can be created from one man’s dream is inspiring. There is so much inspiration all around, even when not traveling. A lot of times I get my inspiration while taking a walk with my dog.
 3) Tell us about a recent project.
I just completed a showing of paper cut work at the Blonde Grizzly gallery in Salt Lake City, UT. It was a depiction of each of the 50 states with their state flower and bird. It was super fun to research all the flowers and birds. If I ever do something as enormous as 50 pieces for an art show again, though, I would like for someone to stop me.  Boy, does that ever take some time. In October, I am going to Olde Princess Anne Days in Princess Anne, Maryland. I will get to sit in a booth and represent someone from 1812 who would do silhouette art at the time. I think they want me to actually cut silhouettes of people, which is something I don’t do, so I’d better start practicing!
4) Is there anything else we should know about you?
Let’s see, I love cheeseburgers and cheese, Mexican Coke and my dog Starla. I recently have become obsessed with the Hunger Games series and am starting Mockingjay this week. I love to thrift shop and might be quickly turning into a hoarder. If I ever do have a garage sale it’s never any good because I can’t bear to part with my stuff. I’m snobby about spelling and love to play Scrabble. That about does it. Oh, and I love watching movies more than hiking.
Thanks Cindy!Her BLOG ///// SHOP ///// FACEBOOK ///// WEBSITE /////

Confetti Systems

Don’t you think these would make a lovely component to Ingrid’s nursery? Confetti System did team up with Urban Outfitters to create a more budget friendly collection, but I still love their original line best. (Ha! And of course it’s 10 times as expensive!)

(found via hello sandwich)

Paper + Cup

Paper + Cup Design from David Land on Vimeo.

What a beautiful short video of Paper + Cup by David Land. I loved seeing behind the scenes of this little family and stationery company. (via Uppercase)

New American Paintings & Shelley Reed

When I was in school, I looked forward to each new issue of New American Paintings. It was exciting to flip through the pages and see all the fantastic work being created by other unknown artists. It’s funny how the years pass, and you forget about things you once loved…
Luckily, I stumbled across the New American Paintings website recently and found that they have a blog! They post Q&A’s, studio visits, call outs, etc… And let me tell you, it is deliciously full of eye candy!

I fell in love with these black and white oil paintings by Shelley Reed. See the full post about her here. See more photos from this studio visit here. (by My Love For You Is A Stampeded of Horses)

Friday Favorites


///// A few of my current favorites /////
+ The ombré effect on the mountains every evening
+ These flip flops (normal shoes currently make my feet swell)
+ Utah peaches

Sycamore Q + A: Lili of Lili Scratchy

I can’t help but love the colorful artwork that Lili of lili scratchy creates. It’s so refreshing and upbeat. I’ve been following her blog (written charmingly in French and English) for 2 or 3 years now, and I am constantly impressed — not only by the loveliness of her work, but also by how prolific she is. Add to that the fact that she has three children! Now that is inspiring…
1) How did you become an artist?

Drawing, crafting, creating, coloring…. I’ve always loved it. As a kid, it was the only kind of activity where I’d lose track of time. Just thinking of homework put me to sleep, but drawing all night long — not a problem!! ;) When I asked my parents to enroll me in a graphic arts high school, they weren’t surprised!!
Dessiner, bricoler, inventer, colorier… j’ai toujours aimé ça. Enfant , c’était la seule activité ou je ne voyais pas le temps passer, rien qu’a l’idée de faire mes devoirs j’avais envie de dormir, alors qu’une nuit à dessiner, pas de problème!! ;) Alors quand j’ai demandé à mes parents de m’inscrire dans une école d’art graphiques,ils n’ont pas été surpris!!


2) What’s been inspiring you lately?
My children, outsider art, toys, packaging (everything that’s “kawaii”), Japan, Scandinavia (Marimmeko, Swedish design), vintage fabrics and wallpaper… I buy a fair amount of magazines and books and I’m on the internet quite a bit.

Mes enfants, l’art brut , les jouets, les packaging (tout ce qui est kawaï), le japon, les pays nordiques (Marimmeko,le design suédois), les all-over vintage… j’achète pas mal de magazines,livres et me promène souvent sur le net.
3) Tell us about a recent project.
I’m in the middle of getting ready for a big ceramic exhibition with my friend Nathalie Choux (which will be in Paris in December). I’m a little stressed out because I’m afraid I won’t have enough pieces and that I won’t be able to express what’s in my head. And ceramics are so risky — a pocket of air, a glaze that’s too thick… Basically, it’s tough to get everything right, and that’s also the magic because sometimes you can have such beautiful surprises.

I’m also awaiting the release of my next books. Five come out at the end of October!!

Je suis entrain de préparer une grande exposition de céramique avec mon amie Nathalie Choux, pour le mois de décembre à Paris. Je stresse un peu car j’ai peur de ne pas avoir assez de pièces, de ne pas réussir à exprimer ce que j’ai dans la tête, et la céramique c’est tellement aléatoire…une bulle d’air, un émail trop épais… Bref, c’est difficile de tout maîtriser et c’est ça aussi qui est magique, car parfois, on peut aussi avoir de belles surprises. J’attends également, la sortie de mes prochains livres, j’en ai 5 qui sortent d’ici fin octobre!!
4) Is there anything else we should know about you?
I listen to the radio all day as I’m working (France Inter), I drink a lot of coffee, I have a black cat named Cantona, and I’m queen of the quiche!! ;) I’m trying desperately to stop having afternoon snacks with my kids….without success! I love bikes, the ocean, “l’apéro” (before dinner drinks), and my friends. I’m addicted to trashy detective novels. I always enjoy buying all sorts of new colored pencils, markers, and notebooks…with the good excuse that “it’s for work!”!!
Je travaille avec la radio toute la journée (France Inter), je bois beaucoup de café, j’ai un chat noir qui s’appelle Cantona et je suis la championne de la quiche ;) !! J’essaie désespérement d’arrêter de goûter avec mes enfants ,sans succès! J’aime le vélo, la mer, l’apéro et les amis. Je suis addict aux romans policiers bien horribles… J’ai toujours un réel plaisir à acheter des crayons de couleurs, feutres et carnets en tout genre… avec la bonne excuse que “C’est pour mon travail!”!!


Merci Lili!

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