The First 6 Weeks with Baby

Ingrid & Lars, May 2013

Every morning when Ingrid wakes up, the first things she asks for is to see her baby brother. And often if Lars is a bit fussy, we lay him down next to his big sister, and he calms down. It melts my heart.

Although it’s been wonderful to welcome little Lars into our family, we’ve also been through a lot in the 6 weeks since he came into the world. The poor little guy has digestive issues — acid reflux, food allergies/intolerances, gassiness — probably what you’d traditionally call colic. While operating on little sleep and a very restricted diet, I’ve held him in my arms or in the carrier, or cuddled up next to him on the bed pretty much 24/7 since he was born. I love spending time with him and looking into his wise little eyes. But I also have to say that I’m exhausted, and it’s hard to attend to any other responsibilities in my life such as oh, you know, a 2 year old and the family business. Not that I expected an easy transition!

Luckily, I have  lot of help from Kirk and from both of our families. They’ve done the lion’s share of caring for Ingrid, for which I am very grateful. As for work, well, everyone else on the Sycamore team has stepped up to help, and I’m learning FAST how to really prioritize. In the rare instances where I can put Lars down for a nap or hand him over to someone else, I get down to business like no other.

And although I am looking forward to the time when he gets on a more predictable schedule, I will miss his newborn coos, tiny fingers and toes, sweet smell, and little body snuggled against my chest.

For those of you with more than one child, how did the transition go for you? (I’ve heard that going from 2 to 3 is the hardest.) And for you self-employed moms without a real maternity leave, what strategies have helped you? – Eva




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  1. i love your blog, and i love this post. i agree, it’s so intense to be a self-employed mom without a real maternity leave. what i would give for even one full month completely off! overall, i feel lucky to work for myself, but the whole maternity situation is tough and intimidating. thank you for your lovely site!

    • Eva says:

      Hi Joanna, I know – a month completely off would be so great. I know you’re getting closer with baby #2… congratulations and good luck! And thank you! Cup of Jo is one of my very favorite blogs. I’ve been following along for 5 or 6 years now, so it’s fun to get a comment over here from you. :)

  2. jennifer says:

    I’ve had four (all gap-tooth thumb suckers like your Ingrid) and I think the transition from 2 to 3 is much easier than the transition from 1 to 2. When baby #3 came along, my older two played together and helped one another when I had to tend to their baby brother. It does get easier.
    And good for you for sticking with breastfeeding and doing all you can to make your little guy comfortable.
    Hoping that a few straight hours of sleep are in your near future…

    • Eva says:

      Thanks Jennifer! I’m not sure if we’ll have a third yet or not, but that’s good to hear! And yes, we are getting a little more sleep at night now, which is great. The next step is getting him to nap on his own so I can get some work done. :)

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