Wanderlust | Paris memories


This is the first post in a new series called Wanderlust. If you love travel (and dreaming of travel) as much as I do, this series is for you. – E

Well, you know I’ve got Paris on my mind. Which made me remember my first time there with Kirk.

We were completely broke when we got married. I decided I didn’t want a fancy ring. Instead, we asked my cousin to make one out of silver in his high school metalworking class. (I still wear it and love it!) I wanted to save every penny for a backpacking trip to Europe, and Kirk agreed. For 6 months, we scrimped and saved, working multiple food service jobs. We ended up with $5000 and decided to stay for 3 months. After taking out the cost of airfare to and from the Continent, that left us with $18 per day per person for everything included — food, lodging, transportation, museum entries, etc… Ha!

So imagine how devastated we were one morning in Paris when we absentmindedly forgot that our metro passes had expired, and ended up getting fined almost $200. We still had a magical time in the city of light, though. Our friend Dannii let us crash on her floor, and took us to her favorite Paris places, including the perfect spot on Ile St. Louis for a sunset picnic. We climbed the steps to the Sacré Coeur, splurged on dinner at a little bistro in St. Germain, tried to spot all the Space Invaders

That was 7 years ago. This will be our first time back. I feel incredibly lucky to go — and at the same time, I want to find a way to make travel like this happen more often. – Eva

Holga photos and hand lettering by Eva Jorgensen for Sycamore Street Press




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  1. Jen Kim says:

    what an exciting way to start your life together. coincidentally i’m doing a week of posts on paris as well. today is #6 of 7!

  2. Jen says:

    I love this, Eva! Some of my best memories of Paris were eating sandwiches in the park by my university with friends, and long walks and good conversations. It really doesn’t take money to have fun.

    I hope you have a fantastic vacation!

    • Eva says:

      You went to the university in Paris? Maybe I knew that but forgot… either way, it’s amazing. What a great adventure that must have been.

  3. chelsea says:

    I love that you spent your money on a trip instead of a ring. So cool. I’ve always believed that if you really want to travel you can make it happen. People always say, “Oh you must be rich to travel for so long, or I can’t do that, it’s too expensive” But there are always ways to make it happen if it’s a priority for you. Excited for this series!

    • Eva says:

      Thanks Chelsea! You’re right — if it’s a priority, there are ways to make it happen — even if sometimes a little camping trip is all we can manage. I’m glad Kirk and I both make it a priority. And I always love hearing about your travels!

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